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For Promoters

All professional combative sporting events held in Calgary must be approved by the Calgary Combative Sports Commission and licensed by The City of Calgary under the Combative Sports Commission Bylaw

Licencing First Steps


The first formal step to holding a combative sports event in Calgary is to submit an Event Application to the Commission. The Event Application fee must be submitted within seven (7) days of application approval.


As a cautionary measure, do not place a deposit on a venue until you have received sanctioning from the Commission.  New venues have to be inspected for suitability of hosting a weigh-in and/or event.  We advise all new promoters be in discussion with the Chair about venues.


Prior to submitting an application to the CCSC, we strongly advise promoters to request to present their event information, in confidence, to the CCSC at an Upcoming Meeting, particularly for promoters new to the city of Calgary. Promoters can make a request to present to the Commission by emailing the CCSC Chair, TJ Madigan. This will help promoters to avoid paying the non-refundable license fee in the event the application is not approved.

Other Licencing Requirements

Once the Event Application is approved by the Commission, a Business Licence is required. Contact the Chief Licence Inspector, Michael Briegel, at for more information about the Business Licence Application process.


Individuals associated with a professional event in an official capacity must also be licensed including:

  • judges
  • referees
  • contestants


These licenses are typically submitted by the promoter on the individuals’ behalf. Licensees are required to read and acknowledge their understanding of the
Combative Sport Bylaw (53M2006) and Commission Policies and Rules (see links below).

Submitting Applications and Documents


Submit all applications and required documents by email to: and

Requirements for Combative Sports Events


The Event Checklist is the promoter’s key document for making sure they are meeting all the requirements for a sanctioned combative sports event. This document will walk promoters thorough the required steps in holding an event.


Following are a list of requirements and timelines that promoters must fulfill in order for the event to take place. If a promoter fails to meet these requirements and timelines, the license may be revoked.


30 days PRIOR to event

  • Event Application (see below for fee information)


($146 licence renewal)

Within 7 days of event and license approval by commission

  • Nonrefundable deposit – if not received by deadline, the license is voided


30 days PRIOR to event

  • Event fee as per Schedule B of the bylaw:
    • Less than 6,000 persons
    • 6,000-8,999 persons
    • 9,000-11,999 persons
    • 12,000 persons or greater





15 days PRIOR to event

  • Fighter related information
  • Confirmation of:
    • CPS
    • EMS
    • Date stamped Fire Approval
    • EMTS with ALS and dedicated unit
    • Insurance


15 days PRIOR to event

  • Contestant Pre-Fight Information form


10 days PRIOR to event

Paymaster’s Calculation per Fee Schedule B (see below); to be calculated upon final receipt of documentation from promote

See fee schedule below

1 day PRIOR to event

  • Complete hard copy of medical file for each fighter


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